5 Kitchen Hacks To Easily Improve Your Life

1. Salting spices

Due to humidity, spices turn soggy in monsoon. If you are storing it in a jar, you should add salt to it. In addition to absorbing moisture, sodium chloride prevents your spices from getting soggy.

2. Boiling eggs with a little oil

Pour some oil into boiling eggs while they are in water. This will prevent the eggs from breaking while they are boiling.

3. Microwave the lemons before squeezing them

You can extract the most juice from lemons by microwaving them for 20 seconds before squeezing them. This softens the lemon and allows you to squeeze out the most juice.

4. Separately store potatoes and onions

Have you ever wondered why your potatoes and onions spoil so quickly? We tend to store potatoes and onions together. As both release moisture and gas, they spoil faster, so it is advised to store them separately.

5. Make soggy chips crispy

Spread the moist chips over a piece of tissue paper. Cover it with another tissue paper and microwave for 30 seconds. They will turn crispy again and you wouldn’t have to throw them away.

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