You Have Never Heard Of These Interior Decoration Tips

Make patterns by playing with them  
You do not have to stick to one pattern in a room - you can mix two or three prints without much effort.  Consider the scale of the pattern - smaller, busier prints look best on compact surfaces such as pillows or tertiary elements such as carpets.  It is usually best to use large, bold patterns around focal elements with white space around them.  
Add plants to your decor.
 Indoor plants add depth and character to any room, whether you want to add a statement or just want to fill a corner.  A plant can add much-needed color to any room or add a touch of freshness to an industrial room.  Plants can be placed in soil pots, cups, wall pots or terrariums, depending on the look you want to achieve.  
little paint trick.
Large paintings can overwhelm a room. Choose a collection of smaller paintings arranged in clusters. Hang small paintings on each side of a sofa instead of placing them in the middle if they look too small. You will be amazed at this simple interior trick and how well it works.
Only use multiples of the same element
element. Clusters of smaller objects are more visually appealing than individual parts. Almost all interior elements follow this rule, from works of art to pillows and vases, all the way down to pendant lamps. It is not necessary for the pieces to match exactly; they just have to look the same. It would be possible to arrange clusters of earthen pots in different sizes, two pairs of pillows in different patterns, etc.

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