Village Chic

1803 Diffuser: Cornbread & Honey


This country inspired fragrance is one that holds a special place in our souls. The warm, brown crust of the cornbread finished with a thick spread of freshly whipped honey butter has our mouths watering. Our Cornbread & Honey room diffuser will embrace you in a hug for days to come.


Our room diffusers are a wonderful flame free way to fill your home with Scents Reminiscent of Simpler Times®.  Diffusers may be placed anywhere in your home that needs a uplifting boost.  Available in a variety of scents, each diffuser is skillfully blended to fill your home with your favorite 1803 fragrance.  Simply fill the included apothecary-style bottle with the desired amount of diffuser oil and place the ten rattan reeds inside.

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