Flora Parisiensis Transfer


12 x16 inch pad of 4 pages Full color

4 beautiful pages of easy to handle transfer designs. Use these on furniture, art work, books, gifts! 

IOD Décor Transfers are a little delicate, need a little extra care, but are so worth it. With a little instruction, they are easy to use and add instant style to your projects. They are layer able and easy to make your own arrangement or use as is. Start with a clean, dry, sealed surface*. Remove the transfer sheet from the pad. You can cut out the designs while they are still together with the backer for ease of use and to keep the adhesive on the back of the transfer clean. Once you have the design layout you want then remove the backing paper and lay the transfer on your surface. Once you lay it down press it in place with your hand and then use the transfer stick in the package to rub the entire surface until the transfer has released from the paper and is attached to your surface. Then go over with a dust free cloth or a small piece of the grid paper to rub over to burnish the transfer to the surface. Once applied then seal with a light coat of the sealer you used to seal your painted surface prior to applying the transfer. Let dry and apply another light coat. 

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