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Tag Shaped Wood Blank

Solid unfinished wood shapes.

  • Perfect for all of your art and craft projects, including if you host workshops or paint parties!
  • Excellent quality for painting, staining, resin, acrylic pour, glitter crafts, and more.
  • Each shape comes in five size options and two thickness options to meet every need.
  • Each piece is precision cut and sanded.

Important notes:

  • Quality is verified prior to shipping.
  • Finish face is free of imperfections; however, back face may have minor imperfections 
  • Due to the nature of wood, natural knots or markings may appear.
  • Thickness will have minor variations due to the manufacturer.
  • If you plan on using outdoors, a sealer for that purpose is encouraged.
  • Wood may have a tendency to warp when exposed to our shop humidity (we are in Ohio) and then shipped in varying temperatures. If you find your wood seems to be warped out of the package, let it adjust to room temperature and your humidity under a heavy item if possible.

Contact us with any questions, including about bulk pricing.

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